“Temple’s northside Historic District is one of the oldest and most beautiful sections of the town. With homes ranging from modest cottages to stately mansions, the district has been home to two Texas governors, the founders of what is now Baylor Scott & White Health, and men and women who have served our community, our schools, our churches, and our state, both today and in the past.”

“In 1979, the Temple City Council created the district to protect the historic integrity of the homes in the area, and to preserve the single family residential nature of the neighborhood. The creation of the district included a city ordinance subjecting homes in the Historic District to strict standards regarding use and renovation.”

Excerpt from notes submitted by the Honorable Jimmy Carroll, Retired Chief Justice of the Texas Court of Appeals,
founding member and founding legal advisor for the Historic Preservation League of Temple. (Submitted February, 2019.)

“As the years rolled on, it became evident that this part of the city needed restoration and protection from the encroachment of the modern age. Community members, along with the City of Temple, established boundaries for the designated space and neighborhood codes and guidelines were revamped to ensure protection of the properties as well as to promote the history of Temple’s beginnings.”

“The purpose of the Historic District is to protect, enhance, and perpetuate the heritage and integrity of these properties. In addition, it forms the nucleus of a neighborhood of like-minded and informed citizens working together for a common cause.”

Excerpt from notes submitted by Dr. Madelon Carroll, Past President of the
Historic Preservation League of Temple (Submitted February, 2019.)

“The purpose also embodies fostering civic pride in the beauty and noble accomplishments of the past while maintaining property values and the integrity of each home. Guidelines also state a historic landmark or area must enhance its attraction to tourists and visitors. These visitors support and stimulate the city’s economy and enhance the growth of business and industry.”

“Homes in this designated area reflect the founders of Baylor Scott & White Health, Governors of Texas, founding members of the Cultural Activities Center, founding bankers, local merchants, and lawyers who were instrumental in forming the governmental and economic foundation of the City of Temple. As present homeowners in the Historic District, we are extremely grateful to the visionaries who sought to protect and perpetuate the Historic District. We thank the City of Temple for adopting the State Approved Codes and Ordinances within the Chapter 17 Overlay. These guidelines ensure historical preservation, beautification, health, and safety for homeowners as well as all individuals benefiting from the presence of a sanctioned historical district in the City of Temple, Texas.”

Excerpt from notes submitted by Mrs. Susan Luck, Past Historic Preservation
League of Temple Board Member. (Submitted February, 2019.)

In addition to the extensive historical data provided with the homes paired with the expertly designed renderings, please click on these links for comprehensive research on historic district homes provided by committee members and residents.

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618 N. 13th-Part I- Research by Bonnie Fowler-submitted 9/19
618 N. 13th-Part II-Research by Bonnie Fowler – submitted 2/20
1941 TDT Article

A Sampling of Historic District Homes-Renderings beautifully created by Lea Goates.

(Click on each for historical descriptions)