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The Temple Historic District is a unique asset to the City of Temple and relies on members of the community to protect, enhance, and perpetuate the heritage and integrity of the homes within its borders. We encourage you to become a member or inquire about joining a committee.

Upcoming Events

Each year a resident in the Historic District hosts an Easter Egg Hunt complete with an appearance by the Easter Bunny. Danny and Rebekah Little have hosted this fun-filled event in recent years and have offered to do so again in 2024. Join us at the Littles’ home for a fun-filled Easter Egg Hunt.  Members- Please bring your children, grandchildren, young friends, and neighbors to join us in the hunt and for photo opportunities with the Easter Bunny! Specific details will be available on Facebook, this website, and our newsletter as the date of this event approaches!

For many years, the Historic District has hosted an annual July 4th Parade to celebrate our nation’s independence. For several years, Bill and Deborah Keller have volunteered to chair this patriotic celebration, and they look forward to continuing the tradition. A procession of decorated bikes, pets, and individuals dressed in red, white, and blue march proudly alongside group participants such as Boy Scout troops and Fire Department personnel in fire trucks. The parade typically starts at 9:00AM, on July 4th, at the intersection of French and North 9th Streets and ends at the intersection of Nugent and North 9th Streets. We invite all to join in this special occasion to express our patriotism and appreciation to those who sacrificed for our nation’s freedom. Specific details will be available on Facebook, this website, and our newsletter as the date of this event approaches!

Each fall, members of the HPLT gather to mingle and visit as well as to renew their annual memberships and submit dues. Present members as well as potential new members are encouraged to attend this gathering which is hosted in combination with National Night Out and Oktoberfest! We look forward to enjoying Dr. Gosney’s kind hospitality at the Chinese Mansion again in 2022. This annual event provides a great opportunity to visit with friends and neighbors as well as catch up with HPLT news. Specific details will be available on Facebook, this website, and Instagram, and our newsletter as the date of this event approaches in 2022!

For several years, Dow and Susan Fogleman provided the Christmas Hayride and Caroling Event through the Historic District during the month of December. Don’t miss this cheerful opportunity to share the joys of the holiday with your family and friends as well as treating others to the music of the season!Also in December for the past several years, Scott and Debbie Allen have hosted a delightful Christmas Cookie Exchange party in their festively decorated home. Todd and Kathy Denton have graciously volunteered to host our Cookie Exchange for 2023! We look forward to this holiday celebration each year. So get ready to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings with a variety of confectionary delights contributed by hosts and guests!

Specific details related to both these holiday events will be available on Facebook, Instagram, this website, our newsletter, and news flyers as the dates of these events approach!

Our Yard of the Month Activity, which is organized and implemented by our Health, Safety, and Beautification Committee, is in full swing! One HPLT member home in the North Central Temple Historic District will be chosen seven times a year as our Yard of the Month property, and the owners will receive a $50 local nursery/home improvement gift certificate! Three times a year,  one yard will be awarded the distinction of Best Landscape, and four times a year an award will be given for Best Decoration as related to the theme of the month.

The following themes will be used in selecting the Best Decoration Award Winners: July 4th (Patriotic), October (Halloween!), November (Thanksgiving/Harvest), and December (Christmas!). Best Landscape honors will be awarded in April, May, and June.

Publicity starts

Deadline for Judging

Award Date

Media Announcement of       Winner!

April Landscape YOTM-No later than April 1

Mid-April on Monday

 Mid-April on the Friday after Monday’s deadline

Mid-April as soon as informed

May Landscape YOTM-No later than May 1

Mid-May on Monday

Mid-May on the Friday after Monday’s deadline  

Mid-May as soon as informed 

 June Landscape YOTM-No later than June 1

 Mid-June on Monday

Mid-June on the Friday after Monday’s deadline

 Mid-June as soon as informed

 July 4th YOTM-No later than Mid-June

 End of June on Monday

No later than July 1 and ask them to keep patriotic decor up until at least Mid-July

 First week of July as soon as informed

Halloween-No later than October 1

 Mid-October on Monday

 No later than Friday after Monday’s deadline

 Mid-October as soon as informed

Thanksgiving YOTM-No later than November 1

Mid-November on Monday

Mid-November on Friday after Monday’s deadline 

Mid-November as soon as informed

Christmas-YOTM-No later than December 1

Mid-December on Monday

Mid-December on Friday after Monday’s deadline

Mid-December as soon as informed


The HSB Committee will announce the YOTM winner at mid-month of each of the seven award months(See above for July) We ask all HPLT  decoration winners to continue to display theme decor until the end of the month. Recipients are chosen by the The HSB based on the scoring guide below (landscape months) and by creativity and the extent of decor (decoration months).The winners will keep the sign in their yard until the next month. 

HSB Committee members will use the following scoring rubric in making their selections.

1. General Appearance: Grass mowed and edged, weed free, green with no brown grass = 0-20 

2. Beds cleaned and edged =0-10

3. Walks, driveways, and curbs edged and swept =0-10

4. Shrubs neatly pruned =0-10

5. Color contrast = 0-10 pts

6. General neatness: Garbage cans out of sight; No toys, bikes, etc. on front lawn; hoses rolled up; air conditioners, etc. = 1-20 pts

7. Overall landscape design in keeping with the architecture of the house = 0-10 pts


         A yard cannot win more than once per year.

         A house with a For Sale sign is not eligible to win.

         December/Christmas can only win once every five years.





Standing Committees

HPLT History & Education




William Plaster(chair)

Laura Betik

Jennifer Douglass

Activities Committee

Debbie Evans (Chair)

Membership / Registration

Michael Norman (Chair)
Candy Carpenter
Nolan Carpenter

Health, Safety & Beautification

Jody Longino (Chair)

Devin Forbes 

Audrey Arnold

The HPLT is very fortunate to work with individuals who stand ready to pitch in as needed. We want to recognize those individuals who contribute by weighting their 2022/23 registration fees above the typical $25 annual contribution. Our Above and Beyond Members include:

Colonnade Contributor -$50

David Branch*

Joe & Kay Guedea*

James & Donna Hill

John & Sheri Joseph*

Whitney & Stephen King*

Kevin & Hope Koch*

John & Dawna Mischtian*

Terry & Zoe Rascoe*

Cameron & Jamie Roucloux

Heather Schoenborn & Callum Lawson *

Pearline Stanley

Foundation Contributor-$100

Kelly Akers*

Bryce & Cassandra Allen*

Todd & Audrey Arnold*

Mickey & Alyce Bartley *

Jack & Jan Barton*

John & Laura Betik*

Virginia Campbell

Nolan and Candy Carpenter

Charlynn & Louis Casey

Tim & Jennifer Davis*

Devin Forbes & Will Plaster*

Gary Gosney*


Foundation Contributor (cont) -$100

David Hammell

Grady & Beverly Hammett *

Tracilynn Jones*

Jenny Kishiyama & Guy Fogleman *

George & Susan Luck*

Don & Beth Mackey*

Brittany & Michael Norman*

Cliff & Carol Rovelto*

 Kenneth Schob*

Jerry & Ann Secrest *

Bryan & Suzanne Steeves *

Raleigh & Marianna White*

Gable Contributor-$250

Randall and Debbie Evans*

Dow & Susan Fogleman*

Dr. Steven & Julie Ruiz *

Bruce & Jessica Walker*

Pillar Contributor-$500

Art & Jean Coley

Todd and Kathy Denton*



Many thanks to our new sponsor and Northside Neighbor

Ideal Self Storage

(Located just west of the Adams Street HEB) for assisting us with our HPLT storage needs.

Under new ownership and new management and great to work with! Thank you for your neighborly support of the North Central Temple Historic District.

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