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North Central Temple Historic District

President’s Message and Welcome 

I have lived in Texas all my life and there have been two constants for me:
1. It is HOT in the summer, especially July and August.
2. People in Texas are generally pleasant.
I have pondered this letter for quite some time and resolved a mission for the HPLT in 2023 –
COMMUNITY. As we pursue this mission, it is important for us to find common ground that unites us as
neighbors. I have landed on 3 platforms that can bring unity to the HPLT in 2023:
1. Adding value to your property adds value to mine. If you pay attention, there are many great
projects going on in the NCTHD. Keep up the great work!
2. A smile, handshake and a helpful hand when needed can make the day brighter. Kindness goes a
long way.
3. We value history and the preservation of architecture and craftsmanship of those that came
before us.
Robert Penn Warren was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 1947 for his work on All the King’s Men,
articulated that “history cannot give us a program for the future, but it can give us a fuller understanding
of ourselves, and of our common humanity, so that we can better face the future.” The HPLT will
prepare for the future in 2023 by implementing the North Central Temple Historic District and
expanding the influence of the HPLT to benefit the African American Churches Historic District (2022)
and the Garden District (TBD). Thanks to the previous leadership, we have an excellent relationship with
city leaders and the blessing to move forward and preserve our rich heritage. We have an excellent
team in place to lead this change with Debbie Evans, Will Plaster, Michael Norman, Jody Longino, Kathy
Denton and Dow Fogelman. Thanks to these fine folks for their commitment and dedication to the
neighborhood, our city and our future.
We look forward to seeing each of you and your guests at our neighborhood events such as the Easter
Egg Hunt, July 4 th parade and the National Night Out in October – just to name a few! I encourage each
of you to meet your neighbors, share a laugh and maybe a cold drink on a hot Texas evening.
See you on the porch!
Todd Denton
President, HPLT

If you are not yet an HPLT member, please join us in our efforts to protect the history and heritage of the properties located within Temple’s officially designated Historic District.  Stay up with HPLT news and happenings by following us on

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and, by becoming a member and receiving our emails and newsletters! Anyone can join by visiting our About Us page on this website! So, if you care about historic preservation in the city of Temple, please visit us at

 Forty years ago, approximately 350 individuals from throughout Temple joined with the City of Temple to preserve the history and heritage of many of the city’s well-known founders and their neighbors who made their homes in the area of land subsequently dedicated as the North Central Temple Historic District. Although the process of obtaining this designation was lengthy and arduous at both local and state levels, these dedicated individuals persevered until receiving the historic district designation. These founding members of the organization understood and accepted the responsibility to safeguard their historic and cultural heritage which in turn enhances the city’s attractiveness to tourists and visitors, stimulates business/industry, and strengthens the economy of the city (see the About Us page of this website to review important founding documents). The City of Temple is proud of its heritage, and the HPLT is committed to sharing in the efforts to preserve the historical assets located within the North Central Temple Historic District! 

Todd Denton, President, Historic Preservation League of Temple

Historic Preservation League of Temple Board of Directors 20201/2022

Dow Fogleman, Todd Denton, Kathy Denton, William Plaster, Jody Longino, Debbie Evans, Michael Norman


Congratulations to our Decorated Yard of the Month Winner for 4th of July!

Way to go, Sandra Heffernan!

1003 N 9th

Our next yard of the month Awards will go out in October, November, and December. Thank you to everyone for participating, as so many of you have kept your yards manicured and festive! It’s a bit early, but never too late to start thinking about those Holiday themes. Friendly reminder-the Health, Safety, and Beautification Committee will award the YOTM honor based solely on the published guidelines on our Get Involved page. 

Important YOTM guidelines:

1. You must be a member of the HPLT to win the Yard of the Month.

3. Our Health, Safety, and Beautification Committee members select winners based upon judging guidelines listed on our Get Involved Page.

3. All HPLT members are eligible to participate except for members of the HSB judging team

Get your spooky yards ready!

Decorated YOM for October will be awarded in mid October


News and Upcoming Events

Our Annual, North Central Temple Historic District membership drive, Oktoberfest was a hit and huge success- Thanks to you, our neighbors, family, and friends !


Thank you “Members Only” for the fantastic live 80’s music!


Up Next!

Christmas Caroling Hayride and NCTHD Cookie Exchange


Stay tuned for additional details here and on our other media platforms as listed in Column I.

Can’t wait to see you all and catch up with all that’s going on in the neighborhood!

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