1302 N 7th St

The Todaro Home

In 1924, Mrs. Dony Stone, a widow from Falls County built this charming bungalow as a residence for herself and her younger children. Unfortunately, Mrs. Stone died in the month preceding the completion of the new home, and her estate sold the new residence to Joseph P. and Congetta Todaro. Mr. Todaro, a native of Sicily, was a successful businessman who built the original Safeway building on East Adams and leased it to Safeway for twenty years. The Todaros enjoyed this attractive home as their residence for approximately 40 years until the death of the widowed Mrs. Todaro. In 1964, S.L. and Hazel Brady bought the home from the Todaro estate and also made the attractive home their residence for a lengthy stay of 30 years. Subsequent business and entrepreneurial professionals who followed the Bradys as residents in the Todaro home continued in the tradition of displaying pride in ownership regarding their very pleasant home and neighborhood.