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North Central Temple Historic District

President’s Message andWelcome 

I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to our members, volunteers, and sponsors for all you have contributed in the process of establishing a well-developed, active, and thriving HPLT organization. More than half our members serve on committees, the board, as street captains, and as activity hosts. The HPLT/North Central Historic District is successful because it is run by the majority of its members. Hats off to all!

On a personal note, it has been my great pleasure to serve as your president for the past four years. With the help of many, we have accomplished most of the goals we targeted when starting out, and Mickey and I have made many, many new friends who are so worth knowing. We thank each of you for the opportunities we were given and wish the North Central Temple Historic District and all Temple Historic Districts, now and in the future, much success in providing residents a place to Love Where You Live! Good Luck to the new board, the committees, street captains, and all other volunteers who contribute to our great way of life.
Alyce Bartley

If you are not yet an HPLT member, please join us in our efforts to protect the history and heritage of the properties located within Temple’s officially designated Historic District.  Stay up with HPLT news and happenings by following us on

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and, by becoming a member and receiving our emails and newsletters! Anyone can join by visiting our About Us page on this website! So, if you care about historic preservation in the city of Temple, please visit us at

 Forty years ago, approximately 350 individuals from throughout Temple joined with the City of Temple to preserve the history and heritage of many of the city’s well-known founders and their neighbors who made their homes in the area of land subsequently dedicated as the North Central Temple Historic District. Although the process of obtaining this designation was lengthy and arduous at both local and state levels, these dedicated individuals persevered until receiving the historic district designation. These founding members of the organization understood and accepted the responsibility to safeguard their historic and cultural heritage which in turn enhances the city’s attractiveness to tourists and visitors, stimulates business/industry, and strengthens the economy of the city (see the About Us page of this website to review important founding documents). The City of Temple is proud of its heritage, and the HPLT is committed to sharing in the efforts to preserve the historical assets located within the North Central Temple Historic District! 

Alyce Bartley, President, Historic Preservation League of Temple

Historic Preservation League of Temple Board of Directors 20201/2022

George Luck, Dow Fogleman, Archie Moore, Kay Mayfield, Mark Mayfield, Todd Denton, Susan Luck, Alyce Bartley, Debbie Evans


Congratulations to the spookiest, scariest home in the NCTHD and winner of the October Yard of the Month/Decorations honor for October 2022!

Way to go, Jon & Robin Parr

618 N. 7th 

You all are becoming quite well-known, not only in the NCTHD, but throughout Temple! surprised foot-in-mouthfoot-in-mouthfoot-in-mouth surprised

The next Yard of the Month/Best Landscape will be awarded in November (Thanksgiving/Harvest theme). Friendly reminder-the Health, Safety, and Beautification Committee will award the YOTM honor based solely on the published guidelines on our Get Involved page. Nominations are no longer requested.

Important YOTM guidelines:

1. You must be a member of the HPLT to win the Yard of the Month.

3. Our Health, Safety, and Beautification Committee members select winners based upon judging guidelines listed on our Get Involved Page.

3. All HPLT members are eligible to participate except for members of the HSB judging team


News and Upcoming Events

Our 3rd Annual Oktoberfest at the Chinese Mansion/  

 National Night Out/Annual Meeting was great fun for all!


Up Next!

You are Cordially Invited

to our upcoming annual Christmas Cookie Exchange hosted by Scott and Debbie Allen!

And our Christmas Caroling and Hayride Event hosted by Dow and Susan Fogleman!

Stay tuned for additional details here and on our other media platforms as listed in Column I.

Can’t wait to see you all and catch up with all that’s going on in the neighborhood! 

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 Oktoberfest/ National Night Out/Annual Meeting


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Annual Easter Egg Hunt!

Annual Fourth of July Parade!

 Christmas Cookie Exchange!

Christmas Hayride & Caroling!