Temple Historic District

President’s Welcome

I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to all our members and volunteers for sticking together during the recent, unprecedented year of the pandemic. Our membership has remained constant and our neighbors have dedicated themselves to supporting each other through uncharted territory…that’s what you do when you Love Where You Live! Vaccines and education regarding preventive measures are now allowing many of us to imagine a light at the end of the tunnel. Our sincere thanks to all for dealing with the necessary social distancing and modified events! Together, we’re making it to the other side!

If you are not yet an HPLT member, please join us in our efforts to protect the history and heritage of the properties located within Temple’s officially designated Historic District.  Stay up with HPLT news and happenings by following us on 

 This website – templehistoricdistrict.org

 Dropping us a line- hplthd@gmail.com


 Instagram –https://www.instagram.com/HPLTemple/

 And, by becoming a member and receiving our emails and newsletters! Anyone can join by visiting our About Us page on this website! http://templehistoricdistrict.org/about-us/

 Forty years ago, approximately 350 individuals from throughout Temple stepped up to preserve the history and heritage of many of the city’s well-known founders and their neighbors who made their homes in the area of land subsequently dedicated as the North Central Temple Historic District. Although the process of obtaining this designation was lengthy and arduous at both local and state levels, these dedicated individuals persevered until receiving the historic district designation. These founding members of the organization understood and accepted the responsibility to safeguard their historic and cultural heritage which in turn enhances the city’s attractiveness to tourists and visitors, stimulates business/industry, and strengthens the economy of the city (see the About Us page of this website to review important founding documents). The City of Temple is proud of its heritage, and the HPLT is committed to sharing in the efforts to preserve the historical assets located within the North Central Temple Historic District! We’d love to have you join our preservation endeavors!

Alyce Bartley, President, Historic Preservation League of Temple


Yard of the Month

Please note: Due to feedback  received from members, we’ve modified the YOTM categories. Two homes will continue to be recognized. However, one will win for Best Landscaping, and one will win for Best Decoration. Decoration will no longer be a factor in judging homes for Best Landscape as Decoration will now be a category on its own!

Other important guidelines to know and remind others:

1. You must be a member of the HPLT to win the Yard of the Month Contest

2. You must be a member of the HPLT to nominate a property for Yard of the Month (Best Landscape and Best Decoration).

3.  Our Health, Safety, and Beautification Committee members choose winners from your nominations so please send the addresses of deserving properties to hplthd@gmail.com. If the residents of the nominated property are not members, you will soon be notified via an email reply. We hope you and/or others will encourage such deserving owners to become members and be eligible for recognition. Be sure to let us know when new members sign up that they were referred by you so we can give you your downtown restaurant gift certificate!

4. Please refer to the judging guidelines used by our HSBC team. They are located on the “Get Involved” Page of the this website.

All members are eligible to participate except for members of the HSBC judging team.


Yard of the Month – May 2021

A colorful event!

The theme for our May YOTM is April Showers Bring May Flowers! Be on the lookout for beautiful floral displays as you stroll through the district and watch for deadline and award dates on all our media platforms. Can’t wait to watch nature show off a bit at this time of the year!

News & Upcoming Events

              Fun Times in the HPLT!

Our HPLT Landscaping Program, “Landscaping Your Historic Home: Perfect Timing after the Perfect Storm” was a great success. We so enjoyed the opportunity to visit with friends and neighbors while learning together! Brent Luck, PLA, we so appreciate your willingness to share your enlightening landscaping tips with the HPLT. Please visit again soon! 


What a great time we had during the return of our (mostly) traditional Easter Egg Hunt! Children and adults alike enjoyed witnessing the “hunters” squeals and laughter, visiting with the Easter Bunny, and enjoying conversations with friends and neighbors. The Hunt provided  a great way to begin to transition back to the days we once knew!

And, our sincere appreciation goes out to our hosts, the Littles, for providing this special HPLT Easter Activity as they have for several years now. Many thanks, Danny and Rebekah!



Barring any unexpected circumstances we are anxiously awaiting the return of our annual July 4th Parade! Stay tuned for more details!🧨🎆🧨🎆🧨🎆🧨🎆🧨🎆