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President’s Welcome

Please join us in our efforts to protect the history and heritage of property within the designated boundaries of the oldest residential section of the City of Temple, Texas. Whether from Temple or elsewhere, please like, follow, and recommend our Facebook Page (Historic Preservation League of Temple-HPLT), bookmark this renewed www.templehistoricdistrict.org webpage, and request to receive  our emails and reinstated newsletter via our website. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy learning about many of the influential founders of the City of Temple who chose to reside in the area which was eventually designated as the North Central Temple Historic District. We hope you’ll soon plan a drive through the Historic District with educational information in hand to learn more about district homes of significant historical importance. We also want to keep you informed with the details, dates, and times of various activities sponsored by the HPLT.

Forty years ago, approximately 350 individuals from throughout Temple stepped up to preserve the history and heritage of many of the city’s well-known founders and their neighbors who made their homes in the area of land subsequently dedicated as the North Central Temple Historic District. Although the process of obtaining this designation was lengthy and arduous at both local and state levels, these dedicated individuals persevered until receiving the historic district designation. These founding members of the organization understood and accepted the responsibility to safeguard their historic and cultural heritage which in turn enhances the city’s attractiveness to tourists and visitors, stimulates business/industry, and strengthens the economy of the city (see the About Us page of this website to review important founding documents). The City of Temple is proud of its heritage, and the HPLT is committed to sharing in the efforts to preserve the historical assets located within the North Central Temple Historic District!

Dr. S. Alyce Bartley, President, Historic Preservation League of Temple




And just like that…fall is upon us, the air is fresh, and the leaves are falling. Thanks to all who participated in our modified version of the HPLT annual meeting. We especially appreciate the awesome music provided by the talented Art Coley, Bruce Copeland, and Jamey Secrest! Let’s do THAT again…soon!

 Fall Harvest Yard of the Month Contest! 

Display your neighborhood spirit with vibrant fall colors and textures! Win a gift certificate and the right to display the HPLT Yard of the Month sign in your charmingly manicured lawn! The deadline for submitting your  “Beautiful HPLT Landscape Nomination” to Hello@TempleHistoricDistrict.org is October 17. Members of the HSB Committee will then score the nominations and announce two winners by October 31st.  Additional criteria can be found on the Get Involved page of this website! 

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           Residents Shared, 

          City Staff Listened!

Submitted by Susan Luck

The final City of Temple Historic Neighborhood Plan is complete and can be accessed at the City of Temple website…Love where you live.

The plan states it is a priority to protect valuable contributions that the historic properties provide to the character and fabric of the Temple community. Fortunately, historic building preservation efforts are already in place within the plan area. The City of Temple provides regulatory protections found in Chapter 17, Historic Preservation of the Code of Ordinances. The purpose set forth by this regulation is to make it policy that the, “protection, enhancement, preservation, and use of historic areas, places and landmarks is a public necessity and is required in the interest of the culture, prosperity, education and welfare of the people.” This regulatory guidance is in line with  best practices for rehabilitation of historic structures identified by the Secretary of the Interior. It is recommended that any future adjustments to the regulatory requirements for the historic structures follow the spirit of that guidance. The codes preserve the historic characteristic of properties, and the city will educate, govern, and regulate so that these guidelines are followed and historic preservation will be lasting for generations. We were also asked to express concerns and needs.  At the top of the list:
smileImprove effective street lighting, repair sidewalks, and create safety by added deterrents for speeding drivers
smileEradicate burglary, theft, and drugs from the neighborhood.

The city staff listened. Through a partnership between Kasberg, Patrick & Associates, and Covey & Associates, they have created a plan to anchor, preserve, educate, re-purpose and emphasize our strengths while addressing our concerns.The final draft is complete and the action plan ready to roll. Be proud that residents of our historic neighborhood took time to provide input, and know that we were heard and our voices appreciated! Be excited, be watching, be ready for change to our neighborhood.  Stay connected to neighbors. Enjoy your walks. Get involved, and keep on Loving Where You Live!

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We doubt very much that Covid-19 restrictions will be lifted in time for our annual holiday events. However, the hosts and planners will likely decide on creative alternatives for celebrating throughout the district. Stay tuned for more details!